How to Beat Bangkok’s Traffic

How to Beat Bangkok's Traffic
How to Beat Bangkok's Traffic

For those who know, there is a quick and convenient way to travel around Bangkok, which is both great and expensive. Opened at the end of the।, the Bangkok Mass Transportation System is a monorail that jammed passengers, over traffic jams and far below crowds.

The vibrant city of Bangkok has a number of fascinating tourist attractions, and visitors can easily spend several days wandering around the magnificent temples, museums and art galleries as well as sipping cocktails at the city’s stylish bars. However, many people find the city’s rush rather overwhelming, which can make it difficult to get around the city with heat and humidity.

Bangkok’s BTS

Commonly known as BTS or SkyTrain, the above-ground train has two lines of a network that detach the city and allow passengers a quick and easy way to get around the city center. Skytrain has a large, colorful map of the stop strain at each station and on the train itself, so visitors should have a little trouble finding a way to get closer.

People visiting the bank for the first time can use Skytrain as a tour guide on the cheap, taking note of prominent sights as they slowly retreat into the past. Although striking, exploring Bangkok parks in the heat of the day can be rather dry. However, as the skyline rises above the large and picturesque Lumpini Park, visitors can visit the green space from the comfort of the air-conditioned vehicle. How to Beat Bangkok’s Traffic.

Accessing the Skytrain

If you are in the central area like Sukhumvit or Siloam, your hotel should have a skyline stop within a few minutes’ walks. In fact, most of the city’s top hotels are located near a SkyTrain stop, and trains stop running around midnight, meaning that the SkyTrain is a convenient way to travel between the city’s top bars and hotels.

Many consider the skyline rather chilly because of the air-conditioning, so if you plan on staying on the ship for a while, then it is a good idea to take a sweater.

Skytrain is rarely crowded, except perhaps during peak travel times, and there are plenty of places to sit. It’s easy to change trains by crossing two lines of a skyline in the middle because there are rarely five minutes to wait.

The SkyTrain stations are departing

When you get off the train you will see clear signs in English that lead to the region’s major attractions and prominent buildings. Each station has several exits, which are marked on the map of the area displayed on the boards around the station. Maps also identify key points of interest, making it easy for visitors to choose the right exit. How to Beat Bangkok’s Traffic.

If you have a problem locating the correct departure, just ask a staff member, who can be found at the smaller office in each station. Skytrain staff can usually speak good English and advise you on where to go to reach your destination.

BTS Top Stations

Although there are a total of 23 SkyTrain stations, some are more popular than others. Central Station is in Siam and is a popular stop because it is close to a large number of shopping malls like MBK, Siam Discovery and Paragon. This is a good place to change the line.


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